Zone 1


tr.v., -ered, -er·ing, -ers.

  1. Slang.
    1. To lead (another) into a situation in which all possible choices are undesirable; trap.
    2. To fool; dupe: “Snookered by a lot of malarkey about drilling costs, a Texas jury … added $3 billion of punitive damages” (New Republic)

Don’t be had. Be aware. Don’t be sorry hoe, be careful. Be informed.

Some things, some opinions, some thoughts are better left unsaid, these are not those things. And even if they are, this is my blog, and I say what I like. But the purpose is to illuminate, to pontificate and to avoid at all cost, being snookered. Sometimes it’s just me, nrTHEbyrom, reneetharuler, or whatever I feel like answering to at the time. Sometimes it’s one of my friends. Either way, trust us. We ain’t gotta lie to kick it.


2 thoughts on “Zone 1

  1. Peace and Blessings. Much love for this contribution to our collective Re-Africanization process. Yesterday, i was informed that there is a week long conference in Zimbabwe, where they are considering re-writing history text on the continent, the entire continenent. The aim, as i understand it, to emphasis study of migrations of black folks around the world before enslavement. Major, for study in all discipline including Philosophy, Political Science, Math, Physical and biological Sciences, Development, Architechture, etc.

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